Skiing in Suusamyr, Kyrgyzstan

Suusamyr is a majestic alpine valley, situated in the heart of the Tien-Shan Mountains, surrounded by two beautiful ranges – “Kyrgyz-Too” and “Suusamyr-Too.”  


Possibilities of ski-touring and heliski are numerous. The valley of Suussamyr is going to leave you the most beautiful souvenir of your stay on ski in Kirghizia.


Accomodation: Lodge of the ski resort of Toe Ashuu and guesthouse of the freeride center of Suussamyr. Nomad’s Land can install yurts  as base camp. 



One thought on “Skiing in Suusamyr, Kyrgyzstan

  1. Just amazing! possibilities of backcountry are wide! In middle of winter, temperatures are very low and the snow light. In some part, pastures are covering by more than 1 meter snow. In Spring, temperatures are below zero during the night only, and you can ski only on Morning time.

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