Ski resort of Toguz Bulak

Ski resort  “Toguz Bulak” (“nine springs” in Kyrgyz) is located  45 km from Bishkek at an altitude of 1900 m. Today the resort is one of the most popular places among the amateurs and professionals of ski sports.

The base is equipped with a twin-chair lift.

Route length of lift – 1800 m.

Vertical drop – 400 meters. There are 9 tracks of varying difficulty and length of two to three kilometers.

At the base there is a hotel, but it’s close at the moment. Nevertheless, every winter the restaurant open his door and offer delicious “shashlyk” and “plov”. Image

The ski resort is also popular because they organize most of all winter event, like “mountain festival”, SBX Kyrgyz cup, some bike festivals and ski races. The place offer a various freeride spot. If you are ski-touring, you can reach the foot of Ku-Archa, a peak situated South of the resort or join the resort of Karion Zil, some km on the West. You can also join the East valley of Issyk Ata, where you can enjoy at end of the day, a wonderful relaxation in open hot swimming pool. If you don’t have any special equipment, you can enjoy border limit of the resort, you don’t need to walk. If you want to walk some minutes to enjoy a nice freeride spot, you may ride down to the river at the East of the resort from the top of the chair-lift. First you may ride in meadow of snow powder till the river. Then you may walk up on the dry hill, it’s about 30 minutes walk. Then, you can ride on 3 differents directions. But in any case you will return on the road of the resort. Longest spots can be around 4 km long.


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